PPR joined Lord Moylan, Chair of House of Lords Built Environment Committee, for PLG discussions

April 2024

PPR joined Lord Moylan, Chair of House of Lords Built Environment Committee, for PLG discussions

PPR Estates (PPR) Director, Nick Hopkinson (right of photo) joined the Policy Liaison Group (PLG) for Regeneration & Levelling Up to meet with Lord Moylan (second right of photo), Chair of House of Lords Built Environment Committee, earlier this week. Discussion focused on current issues holding up sustainable development and the housing shortage, in-advance of relevant Parliamentary debates over the coming days. Lord Moylan shared his committee’s recent learnings and took feedback from the PLG on their diverse, practical experiences. Collective insights were shared into the conflicting Government aims of Sustainable Development, Net Zero targets and the need to address the UK’s Housing crisis. Lord Moylan’s long political career and banking background meant he demonstrated an excellent grasp of the large equity cushion requirements needed to sustain the risks that UK real estate developer/ investors require amidst the current political quagmire.

Nick Hopkinson, PPR’s representative for SME Developers on the PLG, commented after the meeting “Lord Moylan’s candid insights and awareness of the disproportionate harm that the current Nutrient Neutrality & Bio-diversity rules have on SME Investor/ Developers was helpful to clarify. It was also very useful to explain to him, in his Parliamentary role, how little Homes England are really doing to engage with and support the struggling SME housebuilding sector; who are in real danger of being killed off by the current weight of policy/ planning hurdles and the regulator capture of the Barratt Developments led “Oligopoly”!”

Town Centre investment

PPR owns and manages over 60 multi-tenant, commercial sites and premises in various High Street locations across Southern England, as well as a significant residential portfolio. We are focused on mixed-use, town centre regeneration to meet the flexible needs of modern society, whilst creating value. PPR has substantial funds available for further acquisitions and investment.